West Virginia, to a lot, is a mysterious state in the mid-east portion of the United States. Many mythical stories have been made up about this precious mountain mama and its people including parties of incest, cannabalism, and stories of a lower intelligent monster like human beings that prey upon people who are traveling through or lost during their run in with the state. While I have ran upon the products of incest in my journeys here, the true victims of incest hardly have a violent bone in their body. This travel journal is set to bring to light the real residents of this great state and their Mysterious stories. This journal I have labled Appalachia’s Mysterious Places is a personal perspective travel journal that showcases the people, the places, and the stories of West Virginia. Every week (sometimes twice or three times) I will bring a true mysterious story to the forefront of the readers and followers of this blog. While we think it insane that the elusive Bigfoot is said to live here, we will have stories of sitings, hauntings, strange mysteries, weird places, and even heroic stories of bravery and intelligence all wrapped up into one big work in this epic travel journal. Please follow and subscribe because the stories are just now being told, the places just now being discovered, and the people just now being understood. With that, we are just now giving you a true glimpse into Appalachia’s Mysterious Places. The journey begins!