Appalachia’s Mysterious Places??? … Who Are You?

It’s a question that every blog reader has to ask of a brand new blog. What can this blog bring to the table that would make me wanna read his stuff? I really want to answer this question very simply; It’s true stories, places, and people that live in WEST VIRGINIA so I ask you, oh reader, what’s not to love? I bring this to the table and I’m serious about my work so couple those together and we may have something.

Reader, I wanted to post this short letter so that you will know a little about this project. On the about page there is more information. Are you a story nut? How much do you like the historical? How about the strange, mysterious, and the bizarre? Trust me, in WV we got it. Leave me a comment below. Tell me what you like in a blog like this. Thank you for your attention!

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